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When I was listening to rhymes with my son Ishaan, I remembered a lot of the karadi song (bear song) in Jungle. Its may be 10 lines poem. It has a tune, which I recalled a lot and remembered later. I think it was in our school books too. I felt very nice. Now when I sing that song I feel good. It has 1-10 numbers, a story and a song when sung.So dear mothers, do collect, recall old rhymes with the new, teach them and enjoy. Do provide them all varieties of songs while teaching. The song which I was speaking goes like this below

ondu kaadina madyadolage
eradu maragala naduve malagi
muuru karadigalu aadutiddavu
naalku marigala seerisi.
eidu janara betegaararu
aaru balegalanu eledu tandu
eelu karadigalanu hidide hididu
entu hididevu andevu.
ombattendanu avanal obba
hattu endanu beereyavanu
enisi nodidare eele eelu
illigee katthe mugietu.

In the middle of one jungle
between two trees, sleeping
three bears were playing
along with the other four bears.
there came five hunters
threw six thread cages
caught all seven bears
and thought captured eight.
one man said its nine bears,
the other said ten.
When counted, it was only seven
here ends the story.