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Hello everyone, I had followed few daily food when I was pregnant. So I thought I shall share it with you all. I am kind of person who eats every two hours. When we are pregnant we shall feel more hungry. What ever we eat it should be a safe eating and healthy eating when pregnant.I used to travel weekends with my husband to visit places around UK. While travelling I used to carry my food with me. I did’t wanted to take a chance of eating outside. Moreover I am a vegetarian 🙂 I won’t even eat an egg. Well I used to have bananas, washed carrots, biscuits, cup cakes, bread toast / sandwiches with me while travelling. Only place which I used to miss was Subway 🙂

Other than the above mentioned foods, I used to have horlicks with milk (twice a day or more), an apple a day was a must, fresh strawberries, fresh half boiled veggies (carrots/beans), lot of cucumber, tomatoes cut pieces. I used to even eat pomegranate. We should eat all that we like when pregnant but with extra care. I used to prefer home food than outside at the last few months. It is always to be careful than to repent later.

Dear pregnant ladies, keep food ready to eat for you to eat when you are hungry. Eat healthy and stay healthy. Don’t wait till you starve and then you eat a lot. Try to eat in regular intervals, mostly on time.