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When I was pregnant, I had been staying in both UK and India for few months. With the weather outside in both countries my body heat was extreme. It was very difficult for me to control it. Excess body heat was resulted in eye itching. It was too irritating for me. Due to excess of my body heat I tried few options in order to reduce / control it. I had stopped consuming coffee throughout my pregnancy. After back in India, I used to  have a tender coconut with squeezed lime juice in empty stomach. Later when I spoke to my mother in law she told me that it was kannu kudike (in kannada language). Remedy she told me was, few drops of mother’s breast milk into my eyes. Though it was difficult for me to get mother’s milk, I asked many people. Finally my sister got it from her friend’s sister, who had delivered a baby few months ago. Trust me It cured me soon.

So don’t neglect any body change when you are pregnant. Do consult elders / doctors when in doubt. Try to maintain your body temperature. I know its difficult but try to stay calm and happy through out for a happy delivery.