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Do you know when you can start feeding solids to your baby? What kind of food can I have? Few exercises to be planned for the future days. What can I do when my baby is crying? How to calm my baby when he is cranky? What’s the news for the upcoming moms? For most of  my questions, I shall depend on my baby center weekly newsletters. Newsletters keep me updated.I read almost all the information, but seriously take what is really necessary for me to know. I have registered myself in Baby center website. I am very happy with the information they provide online as well as through newsletters. I would like to say they are all updated for my son’s growth. It has suited me well. I would like to know things which helps me to bring him up his life.

So parents, do register yourself to any of your favorite websites, stay tuned, grab the information which you need, read a lot, try new things which you feel is safe for you as well as the dear ones. Stay updated with the newsletters. They help us a lot!