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Today, I would like to share you my experience and thoughts about the swing chair which we bought for Ishaan. He love to swing in that chair and goes off to sleep after sometime. We have bought it so that we don’t have to carry him always in hand either find a place to sit while when out with him for longer hours. Cheers to the Swing Chair.We just place him down on a flat surface when out for shopping / waiting for someone at one place. Its easy for us to carry him in his swing chair when he has slept and we have to go out. Off course we cannot carry for long distances of walk. As we staying in India, we even use it as a car seat, but with personally someone holding the chair next to him. It provides him his space in the car and he can easily move his hands and legs.

We have taken him out in his swing chair to visit malls, dinner, shopping and Lucia movie 🙂 Swing Chair has made it so easy for us. For now, as he is putting on weight, we might find it difficult in the future days to carry him in his swing chair. But by then he would start to crawl / walk. So parents, buy what is suitable and helpful for you.

We cheer to the Swing Chair.