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I sometimes feel very sad, when I see a mother saying milk is not produced enough for the baby and they give up. Myself being mother, I have experienced too a few times and have thought “If the milk produced is it sufficient for Ishaan”. But I have never given up myself. Instead I have tried all possible ways to improve. So mothers please don’t give up. These are the most special experiences being a mother, we are blessed. Its for few months or a year you will be feeding the baby. So don’t give up and feed them in bottles. Here are few options which I tried to improve the milk production for my baby. We have to eat after the delivery. They are

  • Consume 1-2 cups of Dil Leaves dish (Sabbassige soppu palya)
  • Bottle Gourd dish (haal sorekaai palya)
  • Consume methi seeds (half a spoon twice a week) OR methi dosa daily (1-2 dosa)

I have tried all above options which has helped me to feed him sufficient till date. So hope it will help you too. Check other articles for how to prepare bottle gourd / dil leaves curry recipes . Most of all do feed the babies every time they are hungry or cry in the beginning months. Later we can understand most of the times, why they cry. Try your best not to feed them on bottle drinking.

So Mother’s let’s not give up.