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Dear mothers, find the recipe to prepare dil leaves curry to improve milk production for the baby after delivery.Ingredients needed to prepare Dil leaves curry are as follows:

  • Ghee (1-2 tea spoons)
  • Mustered seeds (1/4 spoon)
  • Boiled Split Red Gram Tuvar Dal (2-3 tea spoons)
  • Dil Leaves (2 small bunches)
  • Red Chillies (2-3)
  • Salt to taste

How to Prepare Dil Leaves Curry:
Remove roots of Dil leaves and chop them into fine small pieces. Wash them thoroughly twice and drain the water. Boil the washed leaves with 2-3 tea spoons of Split Red gram tuvar dal in cooker with water. Let it whistle for 2-3 times. Once the cooker is cooled keep a pan on heat. add 1-2 spoons of ghee. once heated, add pinch mustard seeds, long cut red chillies and boiled dil leaves with split red gram to the pan. Add salt to taste and mix all ingridients well. Switch off the heat. Dil leaves curry is ready to eat.

Mother’s hope you liked the dish and hope it helps you too to produce enough milk for our little ones.