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Hmm do you wonder, what is Happy jungle 3? Well Ishaan has a fish, an elephant and a lion friend 🙂 He plays with them all time. He talks with them. I carry them all in my bag whenever we go out. They are his favorite toys. Its become his major time pass when we are not talking to him or when we are busy around.I have a below poem written specially for his toys. I basically try to make him understand what animal he has and as the animals come to visit Ishaan 🙂 I sing him these songs when I have to make him stop crying. I enjoy with him all time, love to sing him songs and watch him playing with his jungle friends. I have even tunes for all.

His Friend: Lion
Here is the lion,
King of the jungle.
I am Ishaan’s Friend,
King of the Jungle.

I am here to..
Have a cup of coffee.
I am here to..
Meet my friend Ishaan.

His Friend: Fish
Color color fish.
I am Ishaan fish.
Big Fish, Small fish.
I am Ishaan fish.
Ocean fish, Sea fish.
I am Ishaan fish.
Here I come
to meet him.

His Friend: Elephant
Tring Tring Elephant.
Big Fat Elephant.
Jungle Elephant.
I am Ishaan Friend.
Tring Tring Elephant.

Hope you enjoyed my short poems. Dear Mothers, enjoy the most of your valuable time with your dear babies and live to the best. These Golden days will never again come back.