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Hello everyone, I am back with my new article Pregnancy Food. When I was pregnant, I stayed in UK as well in India. The major aspect I observed was it totally depends in which part of the country we are living in. As the food habits are changed in different countries. During pregnancy food we consume is very important. It helps us to maintain our body temperature as well as provides a major role in the growth of the baby. It gives us the strength to give birth.For the first few months, I used to eat less comparatively as before. Slowly after 3 months I started feeling more hungry. Eating in regular intervals, I feel is the best way to maintain our body weight. I used to have an apple a day, 2 glasses of milk every morning and evening. I had cut off my thirst for coffee completely, as it would add extra for my body temperature which was already high all high. I used to have loads and lots of water, so that I don’t go constipate.

Everybody’s body is different. So women check on what you consume when you are pregnant. Feel good about your body changes. Don’t ever skip your food. Avoid spicy foods. Eat fresh, properly cooked foods, more veggies, fruits, milk, and any other food you thrive for. But check on the calories you take in.

If you feel good in what you consume, makes you happy and the baby inside. Fell good, stay healthy throughout your pregnancy for a good delivery.