During my pregnancy, the major issue for me was to overcome the body itcthing, especially in the last few months before delivery. I was told that it usually because of the baby’s hair growth, but I heard there is no such evidence to prove it. I could not get any information on net too.Body itcthing was so hard for me in these days. But I had to face it. Sometimes it was so hard that I felt why should not I deliver the baby soon. Slowly I collected information from others, reading on net, newspaper pregnancy articles and other sources I tried a home remedy to reduce my body itcthing. Few of them are as follows:-

  1. Karapura Coconut Oil – Immerse few (4-5) small pieces of karapura in coconut oil. Let the karapura be powdered once it is soften. Then apply it to the whole body. It will reduce the bady itching.
  2. Neem leaf Coconut Oil – Take little coconut oil in a pan. Heat the pan and immerse neem leaf few leaves into it. Let the oil boil well. The leaf will leave all important medicines to the oil. After few mins, filter the oil and separate leaves from it. Once it cools down, apply this oil to your body, itching will reduce automatically.

Dear future mothers, I have tried both the medicines which we can prepare at home easily. It suited me. Hope the remedy helps you too. Be careful and suggest you to try with the most elderly person at home. It might at least reduce the problem, if not recover completely from it.

Take Care.