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Pregnancy vomiting is very common for pregnant women. We suffer quite a lot for almost 3 months. Thankfully, It was not so hard for me as much as I had heard stories of vomiting from many other pregnant women’s experience. For some women it will effect for more number of months too. It depends on each women.Almost every women has to undergo this. This feeling is common as the baby in the body has started to grow. It is the physical change caused. Than medicines, home remedies are better I feel. Few remedies to feel better at this stage which I followed are as follows:-

  1. Smell a lemon all time. Lemon being citrus fruit its smell helped me to reduce the vomiting sensation.
  2. Otherwise I boiled one glass of water. Squeezed half lemon and added ½ spoon of salt to it and drunk at least twice a day. This also helped me to reduce the sensation.

So pregnant ladies do try the above methods. It might help you to reduce your sensation, if not completely recover from it. Trust me we should all be very proud to become a mother 🙂 I wish you good luck in the upcoming months.