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Hey everyone, I am back to share with you about the best Mother goose. Now that Ishaan listen a lot I used to sing, chat, tell stories to him. It used to make him feel happy. I used to even dance for the tune and entertain him. After few days when I was searching for online rhymes, for me to learn and sing for him. I was very happy to find the Mother Goose Club. I would say they are the best 🙂
They have very nice specially featured rhymes for kids. The graphics, songs, videos all are so well done that even I feel like tapping my feet for the tunes. They are colorful, melodious, catchy, clean videos. I am learning the steps and tunes for Ishaan and perform for him. I do it myself as I don’t want him to get addicted to laptops, phones, television from now. He enjoys it more than before. I feel happy for all the effort I take to learn and perform, at the last I see him smiling 🙂 His smile makes my day.

I thank the whole Mother Goose Club members for doing a great job. We look forward for the future videos. So mothers, do check the videos and enjoy your time in a special way with our dearest baby!