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My dear son Ishaan, has completed four months for yesterday. The days have past so fast. He is developing his senses day by day. He cannot speak, but his listening skills are so strong. He listens a lot to all sounds around before he reacts for anything. That’s why I said babies listen a lot.Being a mother all time we stay with them. It is in our hands to help them develop good skills. Babies react to all things we help them to understand and teach. I feel this is one of the way they follow us in what we do. They listen to our songs (mother tongue/English), our taste (our food), and many more. We should even watch our words while talking to others when the baby is around or to our baby. They follow us easily and faster.

For Ishaan I do some exercises daily to improve his senses as follows:-
– For ears, I talk to him in low quite voice, little loud voice, melody, sing a song, whisper, basically voice modulations.
– For eyes, He has a light toy which I play and the music is ON. Accordingly I try to move the toy up down right left, clock & anti-clockwise directions and make him see the object.
– For his touch sense, I massage him with oil before bath from head to toe and freshen him up with cream twice a day all over his body.

Dear mothers I would not say this is the best or the way of doing but please find your own, best, convenient way. Enjoy life with your dear babies who listen a lot.