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I had been to shop toys for my son Ishaan with my husband last weekend. We have both experiences of shopping at a small, medium size retail shops as well as in a huge mall. I felt both the places were equally good for toy options. But yes the mall was  filled with more fancy and variety toys. We get so confused when we see so many options available in the market. We should know our budget when we go for shopping. We should even think “if that toy is so necessary?”I saw lot of toys with musical buttons, talks, alphabets, numbers, etc. We from the background of Indian culture, specially when our parents staying with us, I feel we don’t have to buy those musical basic learning toys. If we don’t buy, bondage with us as well as our parents with our kid’s will be more strong. Common parents! I feel at least we have time for our dear kid.

We know that the technology has improved so much, we know they will learn our mother tongue as well, they will study in the best well known English school, they are the best! Parents, let’s not over due our budget to provide them all things where we our self can teach them. All that matters is our time. The same budget can be used for any other toy. We get many toys for all the budget we have. But please re-think is that toy so necessary? before buying.