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Babies are always very spontaneous. They will react to you so fast. Being parents its all wonderful life time smiles, actions to capture for our memory. That’s why I would say always have a camera with you. My son Ishaan too is a best actor. I use digital camera SONY, Handy cam and SONY XPERIA M phone to capture his precious actions, reactions, moves,  smiles, cry, etc. My husband Vinay Jois being a professional photographer, he shoots when ever he is with Ishaan. Actually its not so easy to get a nice pictures too. One should have lot of patience and click faster to capture baby moves. You need not have to be a professional to click pictures. Even camera need not be a high end but I would say have one. It can be in phone, handy cam, SLR, digital, or any other. I have even written a post about babies are the best actors. So dear parents click on photos and keep them for our happiness for life time. One day when they have grown up, we shall need them 🙂 to cherish the golden days.

So start to click.. capture for memories