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Once we have a new baby in our life we got to be extra careful all time. We cannot neglect even on the smallest thing in this whole world. Being parents, it is so important for us to know where we are taking our baby to, whether its a shopping mall, temple, quite place, crowded place etc.The word extra careful pinged me when we had not noticed from the perspective of the baby. We had been to temple yesterday, where we thought it was just a general visit. We just pray and come back home, but it was not as simple as we thought. When the bell rang around in the temple i think it was so harsh for Ishaan, he started shouting, screeming and crying. We did’t realize that it was first time for him. It literally took quite some time for us to know what mistake we did. Later he was calmed down and we reached home.

At times its so difficult to realize what’s happening around when our dear baby is not fine. So being parents, we should be extra careful with our new born baby to bring him up in life.

To all parents I shall wish you All the very best!